Surgical treatment of colorectal cancer using the open and laparoscopic methods

Laparoscopic technologies in all range of operation ̆

  • Surgical treatment of malignant tumors ̆ direct ̆ guts at an early stage with use of a technique of a transanalnoa ̆ endoscopic ̆ microsurgery
  • The combined a locally-spread colorectal cancer operations
  • Surgical treatment of a recurrence of a colorectal cancer
  • Surgical and laparoscopic extirpation of a rectum
  • A total mezorektumektomiya from a nervosberegayushchea ̆ technology ̆ at straight line cancer guts
  • Ultralow resections of a straight line ̆ guts with various options the koloanalnykh of anastomoz and tanks for improvement of functional results of treatment
  • A total mezokolonektomiya with limfodissektsiyea D3 ̆ at patients with cancer of an obodochnoa guts


Endoscoaic removal of colon neoplasms
  • Removal of benign tumors of the colon using the methods of electroscission and clipping
  • Treatment of early colon cancer using the following methods:
  • • endomucosal resection,
  • • argon plasma coagulation,
  • • submucosal dissection
  • Installation of colonic self-expanding stents at strictures and obstructing tumors